Monday, November 19, 2012

Comparison of High vs Intermediate Stress Environments

Table 3.  Grain Yield of B73ESYCT2, LH132CT, and B73ESY Hybrids in High vs Intermediate Stress Environments* in 2012.


Female Parent**              Stress Environment                 Grain Yield (Bu/Acre)


B73ESYCT2                                      High                                               104

LH132CT                                                                                                  92

B73ESY (check)                                                                                      85


B73ESYCT2                               Intermediate                                      167

LH132CT                                                                                                 170

B73ESY (check)                                                                                     160


B73ESYCT2                               All Locations (12)                               135

LH132CT                                                                                                 131

B73ESY                                                                                                    122


*Hybrids were evaluated at locations in Iowa (3), Illinois (6) and Indiana (3).  Grain yield was severely reduced in all locations, presumably due to drought stress.  Average grain yield is presented for the 6 lowest-yielding locations (high stress), the 6 highest-yielding locations (intermediate stress) and all 12 locations.

**The male parent was a narrow-based synthetic derived from B98.


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