Research Highlights

Highlights of our native trait development program are listed below along with links to the relevant data.  Additional data from 2012 and from previous years can be had upon request.

Validation of Selection Technology

The success of the ESY and CT traits validates the effectiveness of the single plant selection (SPS) technique as well as the overall breeding methodology. 

Cold Tolerant (CT) Trait Enhances Resistance to Drought

The mechanism whereby CT enhances resistance to drought stress is unknown.  Our current research (click here) demonstrates that CT is effective in either a B73 or a LH132 background.  Averaged over 12 locations, CT improves hybrid yield by 13 bushels per acre when incorporated into a B73ESY background.  Incorporating ESY and CT into other genetic backgrounds is the goal of future research.  

Enhanced Seed Yield (ESY) Trait Improves both per se and Hybrid Yield

Originally developed as a means to improve inbred seed yield (click here for more information), ESY has now been shown to improve hybrid yield.  That is, the hybrid performance of B73ESYCT is roughly equal to that of LH132CT even though LH132 would normally be considered to be a superior line.  Depending upon the level of stress, one or the other line is superior.  Both are superior to the check.  (Click here for data).  A very similar result had previously been observed when comparing B73ESY to LH132.  (Click here)

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