Monday, February 15, 2016

Inbred Conversion Program


Native Traits is sponsoring an EaSYTMconversion program based on molecular markers and phenotypic performance.  Previously, it had been shown that the presence of two alleles is associated with a 50% improvement in seed parent yield (see table below).  Interested parties are invited to a private viewing of converted B73-type inbreds.  More information on the development of the EaSYTM trait, specifically the NT RECOVERYTM program, was presented in another post (click here). 

Seed Yield of B73EaSY-BC4 Lines*

    Line                   Yield (Bushels/Acre)  

                                         1                                    151                     

                                         2                                    134

                                         3                                    174   


                                         4                                    147 
                                         5                                    147

                                         6                                    137

                                         7                                    154

                                         8                                    197

                                         9                                    137

                                        10                                   159

                                        Mean                             154

                                        B73-BC4 Check            109
                                      *All lines were homozygous for
                                         molecular markers. 

Please use the contact page (click here) on the main website to obtain additional information.

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